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Leaflet Drop Advertising

Make a lasting impression with leaflet drop advertising by creating an impact that is already in the hands of your customers in the comfort of their own home.
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Why use Leaflet Drop Advertising?

A door drop leaflet drop advertising campaign is designed to cover a specific area and it is the only channel that can really provide 100% coverage. Emails, TV adverts, phone calls and social media can target every home, but they might not all be seen. With a leaflet through the door, someone has to pick it up and move it, which will generate at least a short view of the material.

Leaflet distribution is one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising

Reach your audience with our precise household targeting tool

A cost effective way increase brand awareness and sales in a region or area

Nationwide targeted leaflet distribution – we cover the entire UK


of recipients either keep, pass on to a friend, or glance over the contents of a leaflet distribution item


of consumers actually visited the shop advertised, requested extra information or bought a product after receiving a leaflet through their door

Who are using leaflet drops?


Those who receive a door drop item are 60% more likely to donate to charity. Average ROI was £1.39 for charities who used a door drop campaign in 2016


 91% of door drop recipients remember receiving communication from restaurants and takeaways


48% of people visited a shop, asked for more information or bought a product after receiving a leaflet through the door. The average sales uplift from a door drop is 21%, with ROI high at £5.93

We have been using Mobile Billboards’ Advan advertising for our holiday weekend promotions for a while now. Using the same artwork allowed us to add a few extra campaign days every time we used the AdVans. We've printed the artwork over 6 months ago and used in 3 different Campaigns/Locations and the print still looks like new! We found that AdVans are a great ROI and would recommend Mobile Billboards to anyone thinking of using this. Great team, great service.

Audrey CalderLoch Lomond Shores

Penman Fairs have run Chelsea Art Fair for nearly 20 years. We have never had a better response from any other promotional campaign as from the AdBikes Campaign. I must admit that we were a bit skeptical to try this out, but oh boy we were so wrong! We had a fantastic return on investment for using Mobile Billboards we kept using them since then!

Caroline PenmanPenman Fairs

Mobile Billboards AdBikes helped turn our last minute booking into a real success. Very grateful for the help and effort involved in organizing our Campaign for The Hackney One festival. We managed to make a last minute booking and in the end, it was a real success. Many Thanks to the team for dealing with this on such a short notice and making it work so well for us.

Marketing OfficerMedia and Campaigns Office – Hackney Council

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