Mobile 6 Sheet Displays

Mobile 6 Sheets are the equivalent of the industry standard ‘Bus Stop’ shelter poster, 120cm wide and 180cm high but ‘mobile’. Traditionally the displays are portrait format mobile 6 sheets and they are available using either traditional Adbikes or using Mobile Advertising Trailers towed by small cars or walked with as a form of live billboard.

AdBicy YMCA Wimbledon

Most of our services advertised are manned by operatives and generally billed for a duration of 8 hours booking with the displays and operator.

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Recently to meet demand we have also introduced self hire options for the mobile 6 sheet displays to make this advertising medium even more cost effective to businesses and agencies who are happy to provide their own staff to man the displays either with bicycles or walking or making static with the mobile 6 sheet displays.

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We have a the largest fleet of Adbike Displays in the UK with the ability to supply up to 35 mobile billboard displays in standard sizes varying in size up to 300cm long!