Adbike Advertising Retail

Project details

  • Date

     February 20, 2014

  • Client

     Edinburgh Bike Company booked by SD Advertising.

  • Task

     Promote the summer bike sale in 5 cities.

  • Category

     Adbike Advertising

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     Visit online

Adbike Advertising Retail – Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative have used Adbike advertising to promote their summers sales. Adbike campaigns targeting city centre locations with high footfall, universities and colleges  in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Leeds, York and Newcastle. Being an environmentally friendly advertising solution the adbike advertising also targeted Cycle paths in the morning and early evening to highlight the sale to bike riders commuting to work. Edinburgh Bike Company have used adbikes as part of their summer sales for since we stared operating in 2007.