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Street Advertising

Street advertising can be used to promote a brand and create attention in high foot traffic areas and social media.

Street Murals

Street advertising Murals do more than capture attention at street level. Identifying the right spaces for OOH murals will ensure maximum exposure. And creating a strategy to cover all the aspects campaigns like this involves, from permits to city planning and community involvement will give your campaign the attention it deserves.

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Clean Advertising

Clean Advertising (also known as Street Advertising or Reverse Graffiti) is a very effective tool for getting your message onto the streets. Very simply, we take the client’s advert and clean it onto dirty pavements in targeted locations. These are particularly great for local advertising or providing directions to a store.

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Fly Postings

Fly postings is a street marketing tool to distribute posters randomly throughout a city with paste and a brush. Urban poster sites can be anything from a construction wall to a lamp post, regulated poster objects or electrical boxes.

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Discover the Advantages of Street Art Mural Advertising

It gives the opportunity for a brand to increase awareness and enhance its image. When pedestrians see murals, they are often seen as a work of art and something positive for the community

As murals are big, unique and experiential,
they are hard to be unnoticed

Murals can reach huge audiences if they are put in areas with high foot and/or car traffic. They stand out along busy city streets since they are surrounded by plain brick/cement

Murals start conversations and discussions. It’s interesting and exciting to try to figure out what a painting represents

Visual images have a great influence on driving engagement in the era of Instagram, Facebook and other social media

As something big and special provokes reaction and is often shared amongst family and friends, a mural paired with an online campaign will drive results exponentially

Discover the Advantages of Clean Advertising

Clean adverts can be placed on any wall,
street or pavement

100% Eco friendly

68% more likely to look at a clean advertising on the floor than a billboard or bus stop advert

Reach your specific demographic directly through targeted locations or get adverts placed outside your competitors front door

low cost, high impact advertising solution

Attention grabbing advertising through
its unique application

The Benefits of Fly Posting Advertising

Fly posting gives more flexibility, personalisation, fun and differentiation to a marketing team and its creative directors

Sites and posters come in various sizes, grids, and combinations for different levels of impact, visual representation, or budget

A low cost allows a large frequency of your ad – The higher the numbers of posters the more your campaign dominates the streets.

Mobile Billboards team was fantastic to work with. Extremely fast to respond, providing really clear information and specs and giving useful expertise and advice. Nothing was too much trouble, whether a last minute re-route, getting an influencer aboard, being tracked on Twitter or doing endless loops and screen changes to get the perfect shot. The images were well used across editorial and social media, giving us a great ROI. We’d work with the team again in a heartbeat.

Gemma Moroneyco-founder, SHOOK, June 2024.

We have been using Mobile Billboards’ Advan advertising for our holiday weekend promotions for a while now. Using the same artwork allowed us to add a few extra campaign days every time we used the AdVans. We've printed the artwork over 6 months ago and used in 3 different Campaigns/Locations and the print still looks like new! We found that AdVans are a great ROI and would recommend Mobile Billboards to anyone thinking of using this. Great team, great service.

Audrey CalderLoch Lomond Shores

Penman Fairs have run Chelsea Art Fair for nearly 20 years. We have never had a better response from any other promotional campaign as from the AdBikes Campaign. I must admit that we were a bit skeptical to try this out, but oh boy we were so wrong! We had a fantastic return on investment for using Mobile Billboards we kept using them since then!

Caroline PenmanPenman Fairs

Mobile Billboards AdBikes helped turn our last minute booking into a real success. Very grateful for the help and effort involved in organizing our Campaign for The Hackney One festival. We managed to make a last minute booking and in the end, it was a real success. Many Thanks to the team for dealing with this on such a short notice and making it work so well for us.

Marketing OfficerMedia and Campaigns Office – Hackney Council

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