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Taxi Advertising

Taxi’s spend all of their working hours in some the busiest areas in the UK’s busiest cities. So, when your brand and message is adorning a Taxi you can be sure that it is being seen by your audience. Branded Taxis are a high impact marketing platform that can yield great brand awareness and drive results.

Why use Taxi Advertising?

Taxi Advertising is one of the fastest growing out-of-home advertising formats. Reaching millions of people on a daily basis with cost-effective, impact driven messaging. Most heavily populated towns and cities are covered by taxis, making them a great form of advertising for brands and companies.

London Taxi advertising can expect to reach 1.7m ABC1 adults each year

ABC1’s are the most likely audience for Branded Taxis. With the reach in this demographic being over 70%.

Promoted recall of Taxi Advertising in the last 7 days amongst ABC1s is around 82%.

Branded Taxis spend up to 95% of their working day in the centre of busy cities. This puts your message to thousands of potential customers each and every day.

When asked, 89% of people say they recall seeing a branded taxi in the last week

Advertising on the rear facing ‘tip seats’ is a great way to talk to your audience, with an average journey being 15-20 minutes.

Full Livery Taxis

Full Livery (wrapped) Taxis are the most eye-catching, unmissable type of advertisement. The artwork is produced on vinyl and fitted by a specialist team, covering the whole body of the taxi which makes your brand stand out and perfect for long term advertising. Wrapped Taxis are great for brand awareness and allow your marketing team to create amazing and unique designs and messages.


Superside Taxis adverts and a cost-effective way to create impact. Supersides come in pairs (one on either side of the taxi). They are smaller than full liveries but still have the same unmissable exposure as full liveries. This format is perfect for short to long-term campaigns.  They can be booked for any duration of campaign, so provide an effective way to deliver a new message or as part of brand awareness.

Interior Tip Seats

Tip Seats are situated inside the taxis and are a great way to promote campaigns using QR codes or text codes. Taxis have either two or three spaces for ads to be placed, depending on the type of taxi, and due to the position that are right in front of the audience for the duration of their journey, which on average is 15-20mins. Add to this the fact that most people taking Taxis are ABC1’s and you can see the opportunity.

Branded Receipts

Using branded Taxis receipts is a great way to reach a premium audience, especially a business audience.  They can be used for strategic messages or as part of a bigger branding campaign. Any potential customer can then look back on your brand later in the day, continuing the campaign into the office or home.

Benefits of Taxi Advertising

  • Taxis are out on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and spend up to 85% of their time in town and city centres, whether they are driving around, sitting in taxi ranks outside of busy train stations, airports or shopping areas.  
  • Your brand could be seen by 1,000s of people every single day
  • Taxis are required to be kept clean and presentable, making sure your campaign always look great!
  • They work great for PR opportunities – once branded with your artwork, you can have the taxis go to airports or train stations to pick up any brand partners or influencers etc and take them to a specific location, creating an amazing first impression.

We have been using Mobile Billboards’ Advan advertising for our holiday weekend promotions for a while now. Using the same artwork allowed us to add a few extra campaign days every time we used the AdVans. We've printed the artwork over 6 months ago and used in 3 different Campaigns/Locations and the print still looks like new! We found that AdVans are a great ROI and would recommend Mobile Billboards to anyone thinking of using this. Great team, great service.

Audrey CalderLoch Lomond Shores

Penman Fairs have run Chelsea Art Fair for nearly 20 years. We have never had a better response from any other promotional campaign as from the AdBikes Campaign. I must admit that we were a bit skeptical to try this out, but oh boy we were so wrong! We had a fantastic return on investment for using Mobile Billboards we kept using them since then!

Caroline PenmanPenman Fairs

Mobile Billboards AdBikes helped turn our last minute booking into a real success. Very grateful for the help and effort involved in organizing our Campaign for The Hackney One festival. We managed to make a last minute booking and in the end, it was a real success. Many Thanks to the team for dealing with this on such a short notice and making it work so well for us.

Marketing OfficerMedia and Campaigns Office – Hackney Council

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